“Have Seen Many Changes That Have Blown Me Away!”

“Hi Tom, I have been following the dietary program with my own variations, for 4 weeks now and have seen many changes that have blown me away! I am sure you will appreciate knowing that I am not crashing with absolute tiredness several times during the day anymore, and am feeling confident and stronger emotionally. I feel like I have lost a few kilos which is fabulous for someone with hashimotos. Thank You for helping me to see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel…”

Pamela Shorland-Runge, Brisbane, Australia

“Skin is Clear… Way Less Pain/Stiffness… Restless Legs Have Improved…”

“I have hashimotos, 45 yrs old and starting menopause. I am following the food plan dilegently and have to say I feel/look so much better. I eat more food now than I ever did and find my weight has come down. My skin is clear, I have way less pain/ stiffness & my restless legs have improved… its all better. I have no plan on ending the plan. For me, this plan is working well and a work in progress! Thanks for checking in.”

Karmen Sarsons,Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“I Have Had A Great Improvement In My Joint Pain…”

“Hi Tom, I am going pretty well, thank you. I have been on Thyroid replacement for 19 years and struggling… I have had a great improvement in my joint pain, have cut my pain medication by about 80%,stopped anti-inflammatory drugs completely. Also have stopped taking Endep..which I have been taking for about 12years!!”

Patricia Herbert,Brisbane, Australia

“I Have More Energy and Actually Feel Like Doing Things at Night.”

“Meant to write sooner but…time got away from me. Thank you for your help. I have felt so much better thanks to your program. I’m sleeping better and have more energy. I am a pet groomer by trade and usually would be exhausted by the time I got home at night and just couldn’t do much. Since I started the “diet” I have more energy and actually feel like doing things at night. I also would fall asleep if we took a drive after work, I am actually enjoying the sights again. Without any pressure from me, my husband is starting to follow the program. I guess that tells you how much better I am. Oh yeah, my skin is smoother and younger looking. Even people at work have noticed. I’ve even lost most of the double chin which in turn has helped reduce my snoring. Thank you so very much.”

Mary Maas,Madison, Wisconsin

“Thank You for Giving Me My Life Back.”

“WOW!! I am doing so much better… I have energy, I sleep better. Love the program. What a change it has made. I have been hypothyroid for 14 years… Anyway, thank you for giving me my life back. I feel like doing things and I am getting to eat foods that I have denied myself for many years.”

Diane Stickley,Bristol, Tennessee

“It’s the First Time I’ve Felt Like ‘My Old Self’”

“Hi Tom- I’ve had to ease into this program because of my rather busy schedule. I can tell you, however, that it’s the first time I’ve felt like ‘my old self.’ I’m 55 years old; I had my thyroid nuked 14 years ago, and have felt like crap ever since. I spent $8500 that I didn’t have on a doctor that was supposed to be an expert on hypothyroid last year. He claimed he could still ‘fix me’ if I crossed his palm with more silver, but I declined and prepared to accept the way I looked/felt. I’m very excited by my renewed energy level, the grittiness in my eyes going away, my fingernails being healthy – a number of things, and I can’t thank you enough.”

Chris Stolpe,Berwick, Maine

“I Almost Feel As Good As I Did 15 Years Ago…”

“Tom, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your program. Also how much it has helped me. I feel sooooooo much better. I just can’t believe that I almost feel as good as I did 15 years ago before all this stuff started. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Paula Heller,Graham, Washington